Swing Lindy Hop
Kurse  & Social Dance
im el Social Zürich

HISTORY! It was in Harlem, at the Savoy Ballroom (a very famous dance hall of the time), where the best dancers met and created a new way of dancing for that new music. The steps were both newly created and inherited from other dances such as the famous Charleston and others less known in Europe (Texas Tommy, Big Apple, Breakaway ...)

That dance was called Lindy Hop (later Jitterbug) and is the forerunner of all the styles that followed during the 1940s and 1950s such as modern swing, boogie-woogie, and rock and roll. Let's do our very little part to continue writing this history in Zürich !

Learning Lindy Hop at el Social Zürich
Wir werden dich durch eine einfache Lernerfahrung führen und in einigen Monaten bist du bereit, am Intermediate Lindy Hop-Programm teilzunehmen, um deine Technik zu verfeinern und fortgeschrittenere Dinge zu lernen.

Lindy Hop 1 Programm
Fundamental posture, changes weight, Basic footwork on simple patterns,Beginner basic movements & Lindy Circle, Basic Charleston, Lindy Hop basic figures and technique, Fundamental 6-count rhythm and basic moves,Send out from closed position,Fundamental 8-count rhythm and basic moves, Lindy Circle.

Lindy Hop 2 Programm
20s and 30s Charleston Variations, Texas Tommy, more Swing out variations,
Solo Jazz moves for Swing-out styling,the Barrel Roll,Jazzing up your Lindy,
Sugar Push with variations, turning and spining, faster swing-out, and somemore

*Next Concert for Lindy Hop Dance
Pavillion Dance Orchestra 6.12.2022* 



* Tuesday Course & Party * 
18.30 hs. Free introduction to Lindy Hop

19.00 hs. Lindy Hop 1 Crash Course Beginners intermedian Level CHF 20.-/15.-

20.00-23.30 hs Party 10.- / Legi oder couse participante CHF 5.- 
* Sunday Course  Party *

15.00 hs. Course Tematic with Marco-Mütze CHF 20.-
16.00-19.00hs Social Dance CHF 10.- / Legi or Corse Participante CHF 5.-